Competition Needs


(First of all, thank you to those that responded to the other day’s e-mail. Almost all of those attendance issues were immediately cleared up. I used this to tell the kids that you have power over your own life to make things happen….to not just give up at the first wave that hits you in the face. I thank you for working with me on this. If there are any issues left to resolve, please contact me and we’ll do whatever we need to do. I even offered to go cut somebody’s grass Friday evening if it will get them here Saturday.)

I apologize for the late request, but this show is REALLY coming together, and the ideas are flowing. I think I have some characters ready to go, and Miss Vasquez is working on our backdrops. I bought *some* costume elements last night (pictured). If y’all can help in any way…it looks like I still need:

Dorothy – outfit, maybe overalls and flannel/plaid. The skirt won’t work well on the field.
Tinman – body part of costume. I have silver hat and mask. Was thinking maybe some old shin guards I could spray paint silver, gray sweatsuit.
Scarecrow – I bought a mask, but I don’t like it. Looks like something out of a horror movie. I think we could cut the bill off of a hat, and glue some straw to it to make a wig. That, with the right outfit ought to be enough.
Lion – I have NOTHING for this except our character actor has a pretty well developed afro that will serve as the mane, kinda sorta. We need a costume…tail….?
Wizard – covered

Please and thank you. Any ideas welcome. I’ve constructed props up to the point that I’m waiting on the artwork to be finished. I have our green smoke grenades. I bought 150 balloons to be released at the end of “home”. We need to rent a propane tank for that day to fill them up.


Competition Itinerary -- 10/08/2016

Itinerary for Tifton. Please pay attention to the times. The performance time has changed slightly, per the Festival Coordinator.

Competition & Attendance


This Saturday in Tifton, Westover will be performing in it's first competition in over a decade. Some of you might remember the Blackshear marching festival from 2012 and 2013 with Mr. Scanling and say that we competed then, but we did not. We only participated in the festival portion of that contest. In festival performance, you are given a rating (superior, excellent, etc.) in a few areas, and you go home. Competition is graded on a 0-100 scale in all those areas, and there are trophies for best color guard, percussion, drum major, and band in each class, as well as best overall in at least the band category. Our first showing needs to be a good one, as I'm sure there are people already expecting a mediocre performance from us.

Since July 5th, what we have been working on as a band is to get ready for this competition. It's all I have talked about with the kids for at least a month and a half. This is by far the single most important performance of the season for our marching band. It legitimizes us as a band in our own right, and makes us more than just an add-on to the football team. In fact, the way I look at it, halftime at football games is merely our way of having dress rehearsals for our competition show. In Tifton, we will go from performing in front of people who would just as soon go get nachos while we perform or wish that we would just put the instruments down and dance to an audience of BAND PEOPLE and judges with doctorate degrees in music and decades of experience scrutinizing our performance. It will be the first time our show will be filmed without football fans talking and yelling over our performance and everything can be heard. I have been staying late at school (last night til about 11), getting other departments (art and drama) involved to add to the theatrical aspect of our show, and spending money on props to put us over the top for this event. The Band Boosters have put out $600 for us to be in this show. As long as we show up and perform, we will get $500 of it back. But if we had to cancel for absences, we would lose that money. This -- competing -- will be our focus as a marching band for as long as I am Band Director at Westover.

Suddenly, I am getting students casually telling me "I might not be here Saturday". In fact, three just now in the drumline alone. This is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE. In the case of bass drummers, no one else in the band has their part, and they all work together as one. You may as well send trumpets out there and take away their first valve. As Mr. Scanling used to say, "marching band needs all of its members all of the time." The handbook for this year has a form for unexcused absence, and states that it must be turned in at least 10 days ahead of the conflict. I have to enforce consequences for the seriousness of these flippant and late absences. Most of it probably stems from these students not communicating with parents until the last minute.

If I have not communicated with a parent regarding absence from this competition, I will be sitting these students down for our remaining performances. If the band can survive without someone at a BAND COMPETITION, it can certainly survive with them at a parade or a homecoming game where many people are paying scant attention to the precision of what is being played.

Thank you, and feel free to contact me with any concerns.

Jason R. High
Band Director,
Westover High School

All-District/State Registration

All money for All-District ($10) and All-State (additional $10) registrations is due to me by Friday, September 30. Cash or check made out to Westover Band Boosters. One check will be written to GMEA for the school's registration.

Late Picture Orders

Dear Parents,

Our Band pictures were made last week. However, It’s not too late to order photos. This service was provided free of charge. The only income the photographers receive are when parents purchase portraits. Please support this project by purchasing a package. They offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your photos.
If you do not have an order form, please click here and download a copy of the form. Please fill out form completely, place completed form along with payment in an envelope with your student’s name on it and send it to their instructor within 5 days of picture day.

If you decide to order after the 5 days, please send in envelope directly to Prestige Digital Imaging. Make sure you add the $7.00 shipping fee ONLY for orders that are sent directly to Prestige after the 5 days.

Thank you for your help.


  • REMINDER: COLOR GUARD will practice tomorrow, Monday 08/15, from 3:45 to 5:00 in the Band Room.
  • REMINDER: WINDS AND PERCUSSION do NOT practice tomorrow after school.
  • If you have not already done so, please bring in your WHITE BAND SHOES, and your WHITE BIBBERS. We will be finalizing uniform orders TUESDAY. We would do it Monday, but we might not have class and we won't be having practice. IF YOU HAVE NOT PAID FOR YOUR SHOES, SHIRT, AND BIBBERS, YOU ARE RUNNING THE RISK OF NOT MARCHING ON AUGUST 27TH. WE HAVE TO ORDER NOW. In fact, shirts will already have to be rush-ordered.

  • There is a new drill video for "brand new day/ease on down" at
  • Handbooks are ready, and you will have a NOTEBOOK CHECK in class on Wednesday, 08/17. Items needed are on the board in the Band Room.
  • You will have a TUNING TEST on FRIDAY 08/19. Whole note chromatic scale at quarter note = 60bpm. plus or minus 5 cents is considered successful.
  • It may smell funky when you come in tomorrow. That's only because they carpet had to be wet to clean it. But trust me....there is WAAAY less dirt there now. The smell will fade.

Uniform Sizing

Tomorrow, Tuesday, after school, we will be sizing for uniform orders for marching band members after school. All rookie members need to be measured for bibbers, shirts, and shoes. All veteran members should bring in their bibbers, shirts, and shoes to verify that they are in acceptable condition.

In addition, any members who have not paid fees in full as of tomorrow will not be allowed to march in Friday's scrimmage game or any following games until they are caught up. In addition, uniform parts can not be ordered until fees are paid, therefore students may miss additional games while we wait for this parts to be delivered.

Thank you.

Band Camp Letter

Same letter that was mailed out last year. Updated dates.

Summer News


Veterans Rookies
Amount When Purpose Amount When Purpose
$25 Tonight, Thursday, 05/05 towards the $125 band dues for everybody.* $25 Tonight, Thursday, 05/05 towards the $125 band dues for everybody.*
$50 Thursday, June 30 towards the $125 band dues for everybody.* $50 Thursday, June 30 towards the $125 band dues for everybody.*
$50 Thursday, June 30 towards the $125 band dues for everybody.* $134 Thursday, June 30 New uniform items.
have to purchase rookie year, except for outgrowth, loss, or damage. **
$50 Tuesday, August 2 towards the $125 band dues for everybody.*
$125 Total $259 Total

Band Camp Dates

07/05 – 07/08 8a-12p Leadership & Rookies (not guard or perc)
1p-5pm Percussion/Color Guard 1p-5p
07/11 – 07/15 8-12 & 1-5 Everyone
07/18 – 07/22 8-12 & 1-5 Everyone
07/25 – 07/29 8a-12p Everyone

Spring Camp



4pm - 6pm

Parents, please join us Thursday evening from 6pm - 7pm for "Commitment Night". The first $25 of this year's Band dues will be due then. We can not write people into the show over the summer who are not sure of their commitment level.

Welcome to Next Year's Rookies

Here is a letter to middle school Band students. They should also take a look at the handbook for important dates and information.

2016-2017 Band Handbook

Here is the most current version of the Westover High School Band Handbook. A section will be added about lettering in Band by the time we start school next year. Also, the Concert/Symphonic Band performance dates will be added.

Marine Base Performance

You must have the attached form signed by a parent and returned back to me to get on the bus Friday. We should be gone about 12pm-5pm.

Trip Survey

Here is a letter I passed out yesterday. We need this back tomorrow to know if we're going to be able to do a trip or not. Thanks!

LGPE trips to Cairo

Here are the two permission slips and the letter handed out during class a couple of weeks ago. We still need a couple of chaperones for each group.

All-District Schedule

Here is the schedule for students travelling to the All-District Clinic this weekend. All students should be at Robert Cross Middle School to catch the bus by 9:30am. Please think of all the equipment you need to take to participate. I will supply everyone with a wire stand. Please keep up with it. We should return about 7:30 pm Saturday evening.


Congratulations to all those that made All-District bands.

Westover HS / Merry Acres MS Winter Concert (LIVE Broadcast)

Everything you need to know about the concert is attached here. IT IS FOR A GRADE. BE THERE. TUESDAY, 12/15/2015. Click on the attachments.

Merry Acres Middle School Orchestra, Chorus, and Band programs will present a Winter Concert with Westover High School Chorus & Band at Westover High School Auditorium on Tuesday, December 15th at 6pm. If you are unable to attend, we plan tobroadcast the concert live via Periscope. You can watch with the periscope app on your mobile device, or on a laptop or desktop computer. Please visit and make sure you are set up for the broadcast.

December Schedule

Please refer to the attached PDF file to see the rehearsal/peformance schedule for the month of December

Things everyone should keep in mind


  • Playing test over Eb concert major scale tomorrow
  • Shorts and Band Shirts for tomorrow's game. (I wanted uniforms, but it can't happen yet.)


  • Playing test over Ab Concert major scale that Friday.
  • Game is on Thursday, September 10th (in town)
  • Friday night 7pm -- 9/11 program at the Albany Mall for all marching band members.


  • Playing test over G Concert major scale that Friday.
  • We play Cairo Friday night (out of town), 09/18
  • JAMBOREE IN MOULTRIE, Saturday morning, 09/19

Please always stay updated with the Calendar page.

Notebook Check

First notebook check will be Monday, 08/17, in class. The only thing that should be in it now is the full warmup packet:

  • Daily Warmup,
  • Circle of 5ths,
  • Fingering Chart,
  • Westover Warmup,
  • Other Warmup,
  • GMEA Scales,
  • I-IV-V-I progression,
  • 36 Chorales for Band,
  • Tuning Tendencies, and

Marching Band show music (if applicable)

"Rehearsal Schedule" Page Updated

Band Camp times are up. I will let you know when it also reflects our rehearsal schedule for the school year.

Band Camp Letter

LETTER HAS BEEN UPDATED TO RELFECT CORRECT FEES. PLEASE READ AGAIN.The following letter should be mailed out by Friday. Please read and pay particular attention to band fees information. Also, please TELL A FRIEND/FRESHMAN about band camp if you haven't heard from them yet this summer.

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