• REMINDER: COLOR GUARD will practice tomorrow, Monday 08/15, from 3:45 to 5:00 in the Band Room.
  • REMINDER: WINDS AND PERCUSSION do NOT practice tomorrow after school.
  • If you have not already done so, please bring in your WHITE BAND SHOES, and your WHITE BIBBERS. We will be finalizing uniform orders TUESDAY. We would do it Monday, but we might not have class and we won't be having practice. IF YOU HAVE NOT PAID FOR YOUR SHOES, SHIRT, AND BIBBERS, YOU ARE RUNNING THE RISK OF NOT MARCHING ON AUGUST 27TH. WE HAVE TO ORDER NOW. In fact, shirts will already have to be rush-ordered.

  • There is a new drill video for "brand new day/ease on down" at
  • Handbooks are ready, and you will have a NOTEBOOK CHECK in class on Wednesday, 08/17. Items needed are on the board in the Band Room.
  • You will have a TUNING TEST on FRIDAY 08/19. Whole note chromatic scale at quarter note = 60bpm. plus or minus 5 cents is considered successful.
  • It may smell funky when you come in tomorrow. That's only because they carpet had to be wet to clean it. But trust me....there is WAAAY less dirt there now. The smell will fade.