Competition Needs


(First of all, thank you to those that responded to the other day’s e-mail. Almost all of those attendance issues were immediately cleared up. I used this to tell the kids that you have power over your own life to make things happen….to not just give up at the first wave that hits you in the face. I thank you for working with me on this. If there are any issues left to resolve, please contact me and we’ll do whatever we need to do. I even offered to go cut somebody’s grass Friday evening if it will get them here Saturday.)

I apologize for the late request, but this show is REALLY coming together, and the ideas are flowing. I think I have some characters ready to go, and Miss Vasquez is working on our backdrops. I bought *some* costume elements last night (pictured). If y’all can help in any way…it looks like I still need:

Dorothy – outfit, maybe overalls and flannel/plaid. The skirt won’t work well on the field.
Tinman – body part of costume. I have silver hat and mask. Was thinking maybe some old shin guards I could spray paint silver, gray sweatsuit.
Scarecrow – I bought a mask, but I don’t like it. Looks like something out of a horror movie. I think we could cut the bill off of a hat, and glue some straw to it to make a wig. That, with the right outfit ought to be enough.
Lion – I have NOTHING for this except our character actor has a pretty well developed afro that will serve as the mane, kinda sorta. We need a costume…tail….?
Wizard – covered

Please and thank you. Any ideas welcome. I’ve constructed props up to the point that I’m waiting on the artwork to be finished. I have our green smoke grenades. I bought 150 balloons to be released at the end of “home”. We need to rent a propane tank for that day to fill them up.