Playing Tests

Zeroes have been filled in the grade book for those who did not turn in their playing test by Saturday. In an effort to get this process rolling better, I am offering the assignment up again for this Saturday, October 28th. Students in 2nd and 3rd period will only be able to make a maximum of 80 points on this makeup assignment. (Fourth period was not properly notified of the assignment.) Students who turned it in on time on October 21st will be given an automatic 100.

If you are unable to take your instrument home to complete your playing test, you will have to sign up for a time to complete it in the Band Room. You may not skip another class to complete it. Your options are during your lunch period, or after school. (This week, you can have until 4:15 to be done and out. After this week, you will have until 4:00.)

Here is the form to sign up for a makeup time. You will have to be logged into Google with your email address.